Impact so far in Australia

160 firms

160 firms currently using the Portal in Australia

50% increase

50% increase in pro bono referrals over 12 months

>1000 opportunities

Over 1000 pro bono opportunities posted

Crisis response

Critical role in legal response to bushfire and COVID-19 crises

An ambitious global social justice project

With support from a range of philanthropic, NGO and corporate partners, Justice Connect develops technology products that support access to justice in Australia.

Organisations around the world have sought access to our technology to support their work, in particular our Pro Bono Portal.

With the support of our generous partners, our Global Portal Project will provide access to our technology that supports pro bono ecosystems at no/low cost to users around the world.

About Justice Connect

Justice Connect is an Australian charity that has been operating for 28 years. In the face of huge unmet legal need, we design and deliver high-impact interventions to increase access to legal support and achieve social justice. We help those who would otherwise miss out on assistance, focusing on people disproportionately impacted by the law and the organisations that make our community thrive.

We’ve been running legal programs for decades, and our work is now supported by leading technology that we develop in-house. Working with pro bono is in our DNA and our services leverage a network of over 10,000 Australian pro bono lawyers.

Project Timeline

Pro Bono Portal features

Portal Features

How the Pro Bono Portal is leading to more people getting better legal help

Our design and development philosophy

Our approach to product design pairs the best practices of leading technology companies with a relentless focus on public good and driving social impact. As a charity, we are committed to making decisions that are impact-first. We are accountable to the users and beneficiaries of products, not to shareholders or investors.

This approach ensures an inclusive design process, and results in products that really work.

With help from PILnet, we’ve already consulted with clearinghouses and law firms around the world, and we’ll continue to include the users of the system in our product development and iterations.


Global Partners

What current users are saying about our portal

We strongly support this thoughtful, design-led approach to harnessing technology so that we can better match unmet legal need with pro bono resources.

-Global Head of Pro Bono

It has been really good to see what else is available at Justice Connect on the Opportunity Board. This is helpful for when there is a group at the firm that wants to do more work – I can proactively look.

-Australian pro bono coordinator

This is changing how we work in a good way – we’re rethinking our practice.

-Australian pro bono coordinator

It was the best IT roll-out I’ve ever been part of.

-Pro bono lawyer

Our team

Chris Povey
Justice Connect CEO
Kate Fazio
Head of Innovation and Engagement
Our Team
Digital Innovation

Join our project and use the Pro Bono Portal in your jurisdiction

We’re currently working on our two early pilots and are looking to define the next regions for launching the Portal.